A journal of work, projects and things to come.


 New products on Aeroteket
New kimonos in wonderful colors and a shell+airplant kit added to aeroteket.com

 Aeroteket was selected
Framgångspodden is the biggest interview podcast in the nordic countries. Panc Productions announced a contest on Framgångspodden, where they set out to find persons/businesses to help reach new heights in the social media algorithmic jungle. We were selected! Really looking forward to learn more.

 Talemaker update
Christofer works hard. New work for Ubisoft added to his site talemaker.se.

 Book project
Note to self. About a year ago I had an idea. That idea came back to me today. A book with content I think some people will find interesting. So in a year or so I hope this thing will be all ready and done. Now, let´s see about that. Book you said...

 Client is a top publisher
The possibility to experience books in different ways facilitate for young children to read more. My work for Hegas is mostly about the digital transformation of printed books. And Hegas top position at Ugglo’s reading app for schools shows that all the work is starting to pay off. It is a rewarding feeling; knowing that what you believe in actually works!

 Aeroteket - New website, new everything
We love our air plants and we love life  What better way to express that than to make something more out of Aeroteket? So I moved from one cms platform to another, created a new logo (more managable, more social media friendly, less letters. Actually just one letter) and we expanded our product line. More to come!

 New fashion acquaintance for Aeroteket
In december we met up with a new collaborator in Sri Lanka that designs and make apparel. Looking forward to see how this evolves.

 À la London designmarknad - Mini Market
We were invited to participate at À la london design market on the special mini market christmas exclusive edition on the shopping street. It was fun getting to know other designers and meeting our beatiful customers.

 Jacson website update
Updating jacson.se with more content .

 Short animation for UN
Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer met in Quito, Ecuador to take action to ensure continued protection of the ozone layer and reduction of climate-warming gases under the Kigali Amendment to the Protocol. I made a little animation loop, summarizing the meetings agenda. Read about the Ozone secretariat here https://ozone.unep.org/node/100912

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